Fabulous Frgrance of Writing Thoughts



Author:Wei-Na-Tan Chen

Publishing Company:Hsin-Kwang Publishing Corp.


This is the auther’s fifth book, which contains 3 volumes. Volume I “a vehicle to the creative writing “ can lead us to reach the goal of creative writing; Volume 2 “a key to the creative writing” opens the door for us to write creatively; Volume 3 “A foutain of Literary thoughts” hdps us to reach the level of abundant thoughts.


It is popular in creative theory’s field.All writing theories in the within were accomplished through experiments and studies within two years. Being a treasury of selflearning, this book delivers the scientific information of literature and guides readers to appreciate literary works. Eventually, it ultivates prospective writers as a hen laying eggs. Reading this book, readers will enjoy the pleasure of participation and become happy audiencessatisfied with renowned lectures.

Undoubtedly, the information of magnificent literary works and the writing procedure can help us reach the goal-creative writing; and, moreover, lead us to create literary masterpieces with tremendous power.

Here are some descriptions of these four books:


1.How to appreciate children’s essay(兒童作文欣賞輔導)

Author:Chen,Wel-Na Tan

Published by: Cheng Chung Book Company

Data:1ST ed. July,1979

2nd ed.August,1980

3rd ed. Nov.,1980

This book collected 30 essays of Chinese pupils. The author presented each of them in many aspects:

a) The objective of choosing this essay.

b) The main point of this essay.

c) The paragraphing.

d) The appreciation of good sentences.

e) The writing skills.

f) The suggested similar topics.

g) How to use this essay for teaching

h) The autobiography of the little author.


2.Love Arrow(愛心箭)

Author: Chen, Wei-Na Tan

Date: 1st ed. Jan., 1981

2nd ed. May, 1981


This book contains 54 short exciting essays which were published on various newspaper from 1978 to 1980.All of them have something to do with the lives of everyday and are divided in four parts: a) Living part, b) Advising part, c) Casual part, and  d) Women part.


3. Faith Stone (信心石)

Author: Chen, shue-Chang (my husband)

Editor & Photographer: Chen, Wei-Na Tan

Chinese Caligraphy:Lin, Chin-Mei


Published by: Yuan Lin Culture Business Company


The author expressed his philosophy of living through the proverbs. The photographs taken by the wife of the author and the Chinese calligraphy written by Mrs.Chin Mei Lin made the proverbs more outstanding. This book contains four parts: a) The write stones, b) The black stones, c) The famous stones, and d) The principles of Amy.


4.Hon-Hon’s fishing rod (巨集巨集的甩竿)

Author: Chen,    Wei-Na Tan

Date: March, 1986

Published by: Hsin Kwang Book Company.

 The author use the different personal pronouns and view-points to describe vividly a child who could not take the normal education, faced the challenges during he growed up. This book also included he and his family, conflicts of society, cause Hon-Hon become bravely to……

The author had made it into public TV programs.